application security research


The computer security industry has changed. What once used to be an industry driven by passion and pure interest, we are now seeing newer generations of hackers who have never read a zine before or connected to a dodgy IRC channel to work on anything questionable.

Now this isn’t the worst thing in the world. We probably do need more SoC analysts lol. But are we really complacent with the lack of culture and inspiration in the computer security industry?

When we found computer security, it was not because it was a popular and well paying career pathway, it was because we truly loved the process of breaking into systems.

And even though we had this passion, being paid to work full time on this never even seemed like a reality. There were very few resources available — to learn or to be a part of an industry, hacking ethically.

Our group will work on highly impactful security issues and we will document them as zines on this website.